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Fax Machines: Still the heart of health care

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Many people are surprised when they are asked to fax health care information in order to handle medical issues. It’s important to understand that unlike emails, faxes cannot be hacked, so they are the perfect way to keep our personal information private.

Yet, many people have gotten rid of their fax machines in favor of better, faster technology. There are apps that allow faxing, but they charge for each and every fax.

Thus, I spend a great deal of “quality time” next to my fax machine in my office. I am always very happy to do this for my clients as I know that it’s not only a time saver for them, but they don’t have to look for a fax machine or fax app on their own while living their very busy lives.

So, when trying to untangle medical issues, everyone should be prepared to be able to fax documents. And if this becomes too difficult, call me—I love to fax!

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