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Bonnie Sheeren, BCPA - Independent Health Advocate

I believe that everyone should have access to the health care they need.

I also believe that health care should be affordable.

As a medical video writer/producer for MD Anderson Cancer Center, I was deeply involved in the stories those patients told and became aware of their challenges.  I encountered many experts in the cancer field while producing videos such as “Chemotherapy” and “Radiotherapy” for patient education.

Then as a medical video writer/producer for Dr. "Red" Duke's weekly, television syndicated “Health Report", I interacted with experts and patients concerning a wide variety of medical topics. This was another great learning experience for me.

During my time in the Texas Medical Center, I also learned the rhythms and the functioning of clinics and hospitals which provided me an insider view of the health care system.

After guiding family and friends through the health care system, I decided to launch my own independent business, Houston Health Advocacy in 2014. Then in 2018, the Patient Advocacy Board developed a brand-new board certification for patient advocacy (BCPA).  Taking the exam that same year, I became certified and was recertified in 2021 after maintaining my required professional coursework.

Patient advocacy continues to be a rewarding journey for me, helping my clients obtain their health care needs while easing their financial burden.  I look forward to helping many more in the future. 

Photo of Bonnie Sheeren, BCPA,  founder of Houston Health Advocacy
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