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Celebrating SEVEN years as a Patient Advocate!

This January, I completed my seventh year as an independent patient advocate. It has been quite an adventure and an ever-amazing journey.

I continue to learn more and more each day as an advocate--health care is an ever-changing field. It's been fascinating keeping up with all the latest health care information.

And I've made some amazing friends with my patient advocate colleagues across the country. Belonging to 6 advocacy groups allows me to consult others and makes me a better resource for my own clients. The groups that have enriched my career are:

When our profession started a board certification process, I was in one of the first groups in 2018 to earn this certification with the Patient Advocate Certification Board.

I've been in hospitals and clinics with my clients. I've fought outrageous air ambulance bills too. I've helped others make the important decisions they need for a serious diagnosis. I've found ways for clients to access care at major medical centers across the country. As I said before--quite an adventure, quite a journey! Looking forward to many more years ahead of helping others!

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