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Frequently Asked Questions


(frequently asked questions)

I have answers!

1) What information does Houston Health Advocacy need to work with me?

-For medical billing problems:
*Access to the billing portals or scanned copies of your bills
*Access to your health insurance portal if there's a problem getting those bills covered by insurance
*No insurance?  HIPAA privacy release to discuss your case with the billing office or details needed to apply for financial assistance

-For health insurance problems:
*A copy of the certificate of coverage for the fine print of your policy to find solutions for any denials of claims
*Access to your health insurance portal
*A PHI (Personal Health Information) release specific to that health insurance plan if Houston Health Advocacy needs to contact the plan on the phone

2) Is my information secure with Houston Health Advocacy?

-Houston Health Advocacy uses an encrypted computer for all client work as well as a secure business network
-Houston Health Advocacy subscribes to the Patient Advocates Code of Ethics that prohibits sharing of any client's personal information

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